Surakarta History City And Tourism Education

Surakarta History City And Tourism Education

Paper East tried peeling on change structure form City Only after experience developing of time to time. The research method is carried out with a study of archival approaches, both primary archives, secondary archives and archives. physical file. The main files come from Javanese documentaries, such as orders, laws, regulations, piyagem, kakancingan, fiber, sucat, penget and chronic. For secondary files extracted from expert books history and research results of Javanese architectural historians.

For physical files from artifacts, natural elements and traditions Public which obtained of poll countryside. Finding major of studies morphology City Only in year 1500-2000 is, element ‘bone’ has growing up form several training, That’s it convergent, cluster organic. Element the ‘meat’ has grown horizontally, vertically and self-interestedly. While the ‘blood’ element had evolved from people person indigenous increase with people contender such as Porcelain, Arab, India, Dutch, with eye livelihood from agricultural to non-agricultural.

Different Concepts Between Solo and Surakarta

Another important finding is that the City of Solo is composed of three different concepts different, which Each other overlap overlap, That’s it recruit organic by Public indigenous, recruit colonial by Public The Netherlands and the concept of cosmology of the Javanese community of Keraton. The city of Solo in 1500-1750 was still a suburban city river in Bengavan Only, after in year 1750-1850 develop becomes city mixture Among city waters Y continent. Beginning in the 1850s, the City of Solo began to transition from river traffic to land traffic, so that becomes city continent.

Especially as year 1900, after built technology new in medium transportation utility city, That’s it clue lane train fire, clue trolley car, the net electricity the net Water cleansed, so City Only Really has change a city continent, Leave hustle and bustle city edge river which one time occur in Bengavan Only. In year 2000, City Only experiencing urban problems that usually also occur in large cities in Indonesia, namely problems in ambient naturally, ambient done ambient human. Accumulation issue city that do City Only in times coming Will how much more get into weather a address declines, so that need searching great design city which sustainable.

Solo is Famous City

Meanwhile, relics of historical eras, such as ancient temples, palaces, temples, and buildings can still be found in various corners of the city. Only. Currently, the Solo City space, in addition to being made up of modern buildings such as cities other in Indonesia, so by architectural room the city yet capable show buildings characterized by the Javanese (feudal) kingdom era and the Dutch colonial era, even in some parts of the city there are still buildings with Chinese ethnic architecture, Arab Indonesian / Mixture.

Presence two Name, That’s it ‘Surakarta’ ‘Only’, adds its own uniqueness to existence this old town. ‘Solo’ is taken from the name of the place the residence of the leader of the port coolies, Ki Soroh Bau ( Javanese, meaning the craftsman’s head) energy that gradually fades the speech becomes Ki Sala , which is around Bandar Nusupan during the Duchy and Kingdom of Pajang (1500-1600). While ‘Surakarta’ taken of the name of the dynasty of the Mataram kingdom of Java that moved of Kraton Kartasura in 1745.

Displacement The palace was made by King Paku Buwono II because Kraton Kartasura has been destroyed by wars and rebellions known as Geger Chinatown in 1742. Naming the new palace by reversing the syllables of the palace’s name ancient, namely from ‘Karta-Sura’ to ‘Sura-Karta’, so far Already becomes history general Public Only.

Change City Only of weather a weather could viewed based on some Map length which obtained from archives in the Netherlands and on Solo . Alone and even to its tributaries. At first, there were only four airports which was crowded at the time, namely Bandar Kabanaran in Bandung Laweyan, city Chinatown in Weather Pepe, city Arab in Kali Jenes and Bandar Nusupan in Semanggi. After the sedimentation of the tributaries Bengavan Only (Weather Jens, Weather Kabanaran Weather pepe), so the cities that there are to her finally it can no longer work , and it was replaced While the development and changes in the shape of the city (city morphology), based on primary and secondary physical, could explained I like it description image- image Following.


In this time interval, physically the City of Solo is passing from the embryonic period to flower. The city of Solo was originally formed by coolie community ( Javanese: soroh bau till the leader is called ki-soloh or ki-solo or ki- room ) which is located in Bandar Nusupan. They live on the banks of the Bengawan Solo, near the port where work for their employer Pajang Duchy (1530s), thus forming suburban settlement river (something like facing the water settlement ).

Duchy screen, which after became the Kingdom of Pajang (from 1568) is the successor Kingdom Demak (1500-1546), islamic kingdom first in Java. But in 1582, the kingdom moved to Kota Gede and became a Kingdom Mataram. The basic necessities of government life. in weather Kingdom display Many supplied of after cross rivers and cities located in along Bengawan Solo (there are 44 ports from Solo to Surabaya). Large ships off the coast of Java and close malacca moment that capable scenery trip into Java via Bengawan then cross Earth.


In interval weather East occur incident great in Only, That’s it entry colonial Dutch what’s more Mataram Palace of Kartasura. Mataram Palace which was originally in Kota Gede has moved three times, namely to Kerta (1601), Plered (1613) and Kartasura (1677), and then returned to Solo (Mataram is the successor of Pajang, who was originally in the area Alone, as described above). transfer to the palace had to be done by PB II at that time because the palace which has been destroyed by three wars namely at the time of the Pacinan Geger (1742), the war Cakraningrat (1742) and the Dutch War/PB II to oppose to cakraningrata (1742). After done site selection survey for the palace, then selected Village Living room (suggestion Hohendorf) What the place palace establishment (another alternative to the palace location at that time they were Talawangi and Sanasewu).

So in the next stage , the riverside city that one time organized by public will native combined with the mainland city that has a sacred pattern- profane (by model palace) Pattern solid- functionalist (by model Dutch). In weather Following, after palace Mataram splits in two Kingdom (1755: Organize Sultanate), Three kingdom (1757: Sunshine, Sultanate Mangkunegaran) and after four Kingdom (1812: Sunshine, Sultanate, Mangkunegaran and Pakualaman), then the Solo area pull apart becomes two region, that is region Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran.

Until the camp- the structure of the city in the future will increase to return to being a city that has two regions Javanese cosmology concept . Meanwhile, the town village Java also grow by convergent following the development of the power of the two kings of Solo the. Chinese people and Arab people too develop in the ancient city each. On the other hand, the Dutch/European people started grows inside the Vastenburg fortress and then catches up outside the fortress as more and more contender new.


Along the with how much more much occupant in European (Dutch, British) and Eastern settlements Foreigners (Chinese, Arab, Indian), also needed mod cons what’s more House Stay, That’s it the place places of worship, schools, places to buy and sell essential items, place of residence and so on. By Therefore, Solo City in this interval has already developing towards an office city
City Only moment that viewed by Public Foreign (Dutch, Porcelain, Arab, India) how much more conducive as a place of their respective activities. This issue seen by the presence of office buildings, schools, churches, warehouses that the Dutch began to build, plus, of course, European settlements. On the other hand , many stores which built by Chinese and Arab/Indian communities over time East could explain there is security peace each cluster.


The largest change in this interval is Land transportation technology has been discovered by train This new system is certainly capable of changing the traffic paradigm that was originally still some in the river some on land then you can switch completely to ground. In addition, the state of the rivers Sedimentation has also occurred in Solo , making it Difficult to pass for large ships. cultivation system which had appeared in 1830, resulted in deforestation of inland areas , so that cumulatively the lands that slide and fall into the river become silt and shallow river.

City Only which _ geographically located in valleys and riverbanks, Of course it is easy to flood. then in the interval this, the Dutch side, together with Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran undertook a great project to build danger of flooding, whether in the form of channel, construction of the river new or making embankment. In the northern part of the city, the Pepe River is cut by the new river, which came to be known as Kali new, so that Water Bah do not enter the city but transmitted through outside city.

Weather new which packaging in Bengavan Only. In the southern part of the city, Kali Laweyan is also cut off by new and added river with new embankment to Bengawan Solo, who was later called like a Kali embankment, which works to retain water kali laweyan bah. While on the east side city, an embankment was built accompanying Bengawan Solo, so that the river overflows when it overflows No get into city. Project East to remember our in settlement of municipal cases in the Netherlands in connection with issue flood.


The biggest change in this interval is the construction of several modern city utilities , namely: the net electricity (year 1902 by solosche Electriciteits Maatschappij or SEM), water network cleansed (year 1926 by Snowfall Hoogdruk water ride or NVHW), rail and streetcar networks (1905 by Staats Spoorwagen or SS and Nederlandsch Indian caboose either NIS) developing intercity bridge crossing Bengawan Solo, namely the Jurug Bridge. heading to Karanganyar and Bacem Bridge leading to Sukoharjo ( 1915). On the other hand, the neighbors who started Crowded and crowded entertainment facilities have been added and sports, which are usually the first to be built in Indonesia at that time, namely the building of the cinema, gedong Javanese shows (wayang, kethoprak, kerawaitan), conference hall, football stadium, field to ride a horse, gardens city station radio.


The largest change in this interval is happening convulsion political social, too change ambient natural which take effect bad a room city. In year 1948 occur incident Clash II , famous for its scorched earth policy, so that Many building in Only which destroyed by Dutch rage. In 1966 there was a flood. large in Solo, so half of the city of Solo is submerged for the genius of Bengawan Solo. In 1970- and there was an industrial boom around Bengawan Solo, so wasted The industry, which pulled a Bengawan Solo, capable of destroying several species of living beings and leaving only the broom fish .

In 1980 , after occur urbanization and industrialization, so City Only experiencing urban sprawl (expansion of the city), both on the north, east, south and west sides . Developing housing ( real estate , housing complex, residential complex) new) began to multiply on the outskirts of Solo. In the city center, especially the CBD area, is growing form of coercion joglo (penjogloan), though have multiple floors. On the other hand, The city of Solo that originally only had facilities education through high school, is now starting to build facilities for higher education , that is, the university. In the late 1980s, the government launched the November Package program 1988, which resulted in the proliferation of banks private sector in Solo. In the 1990s, after the government launched the Package program in July 1993 (tourist exploitation), then many hotel buildings emerging, office equipment and local regulations bargain In year 1998, occur incident agitation dough which cause buildings scorched and destroyed, as happened during Clash II year 1948.

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