Malang Cityscape as Colonial Historical Tourism Destination

Malang Cityscape as Colonial Historical Tourism Destination

Historical tourism exists It is a form of cultural tourism. Self-defined cultural tourism like a trip done based on a wish expand view life someone with scenery visit, study the state of people, traditions and customs, ways of life, culture Art something area historical route orientation in objects either historical objects.

Colonial refers to in the sense of the colonizer where in to study East it is Dutch. With thus route history colonial it is something trip which done by someone either cluster person which character temporary by recreation either vacation with destiny in the form of objects and attractions that related with history colonial Dutch. In weather colonial, City Malang is a small district inside that is below home Pasuruan fixed  Correct What gemeent (municipality) in Date 1 April 1914.

Political the impact in the continuous development of the city Well built Malang. City Malang designed by to go. German Thomas Karsten which act as planning consultant naan city development. planner- naan expansion City Malang described via Bouwplan I-VIII which held in May 18, 1917 with the concept garden City. until Currently, the city of Malang still has Many colonial heritages in form of area, settlement, building, yard Y Street as much as places historical other which preserved by government city.

Malang City Characterize

The existence of a city landscape that characterize the legacy of the colonial period colonial (Juliarso, 2001) thus what’s more case with City Malang can be developed as an object attractions route history which enough interesting. Nevertheless no ratings yet by special in effort developing the. By Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate a scenery which there are by determine scenery which the majority potential by developed. In to study East, evaluation the most tell cover appearance Social culture  appearance esthetic.

With do analysis evaluation appearance Social culture appearance esthetic in scenery City Malang inexpect could is known power Historical colonial tourist landscape of the cities Malang at once What guidelines in protection and preservation scenery the, Okay as a historical landscape object route.

Malang Landscape

The investigation was carried out in the city of Malang, Java East. To study East cover the landscape at the research site determined based on:

  • East-West have a 6 locations include: Kawa- Saint square Monument, Park square- square Monument, Street Kahuripán, Street Semeru, Ijen Street and Ijen Park
  •  North-South Route have a 6 locations include: Jalan Agung Suprapto, Jalan- a basuki Grace, area square- square Independent, Park square Independence, Arab Settlement and Development Chinatown settlement

Appearance Social culture of Malang

Evaluation of sociocultural aspects based on calculations. ID condition Social culture in Location with To do  evaluation object  attractions route by 3 defendant expert history a base factor:

  1. Historical
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Shortage
  4. Function- Yes Social with range score 1 even the cake

Appearance Esthetic Of Malang

Evaluation appearance esthetic done by 30 pupil architecture landscape hood Analysis use method Scenic Beauty Estimate /SBE

Route history colonial in City Malang

Determination power route history co- lonial done with method overlays Among results analysis appearance Social culture appearance esthetic.

Research has been carried out on various settlements, parks and roads region City Malang. City malang has length 11,055.66 say oh which to share in 5 region Sub district viz Blimbing District, Subdistrict tan Klojen, Sub district Lowokwaru, Sub district Breadfruit Sub district Kedungkandang, consisting of 45 Kelurahan and 12 villages with a total population of 870,093 people

Location to study shared in two categories, namely the East-West route and North-South with consideration function as the main access road city bags and historical value considerations ra developing City Malang. Location clue East West cover area Monument, Park Monument, Street Kahuripán, Street semeru, area Ijen Park Ijen .

While the North-South route white Street great above, Street Basuki Rahmat, Alun-alun area Independent, Park square merdeca, Settlement Arab pemmu- kiman chinatown there are 11 object in Location clue East- West and 18 objects in clue North-South .

Appearance Social Culture Of Malang

Socio-cultural values of the landscape Clue East West

Based on the results of the evaluation point out the diversity of social values culture which to show there are- their different perception of each Location. area Monument, Street Semeru Y area Ijen to have score appearance Social culture tall compared Location other.

Area Monument to show identity City Malang which supported by be- radaan building relic colonial Dutch I like it building New Town train station. Design Elegant New Town Station Building architectural colonial beginning modern with blueprints of the floor building dominated with Pattern symmetry, countryside flat, color white, a little decorate and pay attention to the weather tropical. Station City New I call play entry transportation Earth in the area center City Malang which it is area conservation East West.

Get into area Street Semeru there are crossing Street which emphasized by building twin located on the right and left which built in Year 1963 by architect Karel Boss. Second building the describe the door to Semeru’s address. Neverthe less according to a number of figure Public building twin the inspired of the architect blessed with twin sons.

Style building East stream Nieuwe Bouwen which prioritize functional aspect That’s it fit local Weather, availability ingredient technology which there are. Building these twins have towers on top building which labor What observation around. area Ijen to have score appearance highest sociocultural whole Location clue East West.

This is because the area relic colonial which say- joke by Thomas Karsten with recruit ambient garden City until moment East some still awake authenticity as much as could to enjoy by Public general. In 1934 built a church Cathedral named Santa Claus thereshia because ability church Catholic in hand wood No again appropriate.

In Year 1961 church East change Name becomes Santa Claus Maria mother Carmel. Cathedral medium center either area in the middle of the church either area diocese major. Cathedral Ijen East it is wrong one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Indonesia which is typical of the original Dutch. This issue could try of form exterior and interior, as well as ornamentation- the ornament

Park Ijen to have score Social culture plus Okay that Street Kahuripan. Stuff East because Ijen Park is a relic which planned by Thomas Karsten with character yard Europe in the shape of the boulevard and still survives to this day as well could to enjoy by Public general.

next planning the initial work done by Ir. Tomas Herman Karsten for the Eastern road- West is a garden city concept that do Mountain Kawi What point of interest _ Nevertheless view the blocked consequence of placement building Museum Brawijaya. Length Street Ijen about 1 kilometres Y compliment by flowering plants for Ijen street to be nicknamed Street the majority handsome. Stuff East because Ijen Park is dominated by tree Delonix regal along the Street Ijen which there are as weather colonial Dutch.

Socio cultural values of the landscape Clue North South

Jalan Agung Suprapto, Jalan Basuki Grace area square Independence has a social aspect value culture tall compared Location other. Street great suprapto it is wrong a form scenery history of developing City Malang. In colonial times, this road is better known with Name Tjelaket in Year 1914 it is Street anger a Surabaya of Square which strategic as much as complete with population Europe.

Wrong a unique- Correct which property by Street East it’s to the left and to the right the road goes There is a form of construction to have design architecture Elegant colonial and there are some building with form ancient which is a colonial relic, in Come in That’s it heart Jesus, SMPK brothers Y Trade Avi. high school heart Jesus built around 1923 with style building Romantic which use What educational building with Name Zuster School which built by Office Batavia architect. The shape of this building. symmetry which interesting with tower skylight.

While for SMPK brothers Heart Holy to have form building special with Size relatively great built in Year 1926 with style building amsterdam School so that do wrong a building which to have score plus in Stuff history.

Also that in crossing Street Agung Suprapto there is a building stores avi which to have form interesting which building around 1910s with form curve which to mean style romantic _ Form building loose- interesting kung with tower Elegant architecture modern beginning ring with Art decor in lights.

After in intersection, specifically in front Trade Avian, there are power visual which stand out That’s it in form of pocket park with accessories o’clock which has existed since colonial times, functioning What o’clock city meeting Physical education- point address Street, as much as What points of reference city so that to have peculiarity. Street basuki Grace, either which known as the Kayu area hand, to have score appearance Social culture plus tall compared Jalan Agung Suprapto area.

Stuff East because area Street basuki Grace to have a number of colonial heritage building its authenticity is still preserved. buildings relic colonial the include: office PLN (business electricity country), Church Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic and Shop oen Ice Cream Palace pastry chef _

The Merdeka square area has What score Social culture which the majority tall in Among everybody Location in clue North South. Stuff East because malang city square surrounding to have Many relic building colonial. Where is Malang city square and surrounding built beginning year 1882 it is part Dutch interests.

Developing East beginning of government Governor General daendels (1808-1811) with system distribution area in indies Dutch (Indonesia) is divided into several districts and residences, where the position of the ruler is equal to attendee resident. Stuff East understood in the Java district square (included Malang), where House regent before the silence a attendee resident

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