Landscape Aesthetics On The Road Of Malang City

Landscape Aesthetics On The Road Of Malang City

Park Monument, area Ijen Park has a beauty value view which tall prohibition- cool other places. Park Monument to show identity City Malang in moment get into Street major in City Malang. Stuff East because in the Monument Park and surrounding there are a number of write vegetation monumental Okay tree, bushes, shrubs and ground cover it is a colonial legacy.

Park Monument which to have Monument Monument lying in front square Bunder. square the it is something building containing historical value very tall What building relic government colonial Dutch. Monument Monument it is Former Governor General’s Park indies Dutch JP zoen Coen.

Monument Monument surrounded by yard which very handsome with lotus flowers ( nymphaea lotus ) which forever to flourish, flower cane ( Canna indica ) dominated by color red yellow which to give Print cheerful, surrounded per plant bush cover tea-tehan ( During answer ) which labor What barrier.

Appearance Esthetic

Also that yard square Monument surrounded by tree trembesi ( Samanea saman ) aged plus of fifty year which to have pavilion stem header aesthetic and become a point of interest . By general design yard Monument in the form of a formal garden, this is appropriate with theme area That’s it area government and education.

Park formal is an impressive garden symmetry, formal, great, do- show power and splendor which very strong a nature This can viewed of system axis either axis which very strong split yard becomes spaces which symmetrical.

Park Ijen to have score SBE tall as big as 49 which suspicious by median Street which handsome  large so that Print plus life comfortable. Park Ijen it is part of planning to go. Thomas German Karsten with Pattern standard 3, 8, 11/12 meter by large garden in front of the house or pedestrian, Street major, yard medium, while by form House designed different so that becomes characteristic typical City

Ijen Park History

Condition Park Ijen in agreement with design beginning dominated by soft material elements , that is, in the form of write plant. By general Park Ijen specifically median Street it is yard formal, Stuff East could viewed of use Pattern line symmetrical in bush ground cover as much as line straight which form corner plus of 90˚ in borders countryside. the grass bordering the list concrete ( Kansteen ). While in usually yard House stay in Ijen Many experience change as planning beginning, Stuff East because owner building continue trend yard.

as for write plant which used in garden road media Ijen it is write palm, bush, bush plant cover Write palm include: palm bottle ( Hyophorbe lagenicaulis ) and princess palm ( Veitchia merilli ), write bush include: green agave ( Agave sisalavana ), yellow agave ( Agave american ), oleander ( Nerio oleander ), croton ( Codiaeum variegatum ), asoka (Ixora javanica) , homeland handsome ( Mussaenda Philippines ).

Write ground cover include: Taiwan beauty ( Cuphea hisofelia ), balanced blood ( hemigraph red ), cane ( canna indicates ) grass elephant ( Axonope compress ) as much as bou- genvil ( Baugainvillea spectabilis ) planted in form flower pot which labor What barrier. scenery area Ijen to have score SBE enough tall, That’s it twenty, suspicious by features scenery Street which there are in along the Street area Ijen which it is combination of training runner palm king ( Roystonea regal ), mahogany ( Swietenia mahagoni ) and parrot ( Lagerstroemia speciosa ) in Correct left Street which to have years plus of fifty year so that to have form which monumental to have function What shade as much as director Street

The north-south aesthetic aspect

The results of the evaluation show that there is diversity score beauty player- with which to show there are their different perception of each Location in clue North South in City

area square Independent Park square Independent to have beauty view (SBE) which tall That’s it 32, compared other places special clue North South. This is due to the characteristics scenery area yard has aged ancient which has merges with the environment and how recreation area for the general public with installations which appropriate.

The Merdeka square area has What score SBE enough tall after Merdeka Square Park, which is 17. Stuff East because area square- square surrounded by building-ba- building relic colonial Y supported by the road landscape in the form of tree geese ( pterocarp indicus ), ketapán ( Terminalia cattapa ), and other plants in flower pot which placed on the sidewalk. this condition demonstration that No availability of green open spaces (RTH) in agreement standard, so that Username Street Okay driver vehicle and pedestrians feel less comfortable.

Type Street Of Malang City

Meanwhile, the Parque de la Plaza square Independent which to have score The highest beauty (SBE) in North-South route, presumably due to by the characteristics of the vegetation monumental supported by installations which appropriate. I like it It is known that Java cities in it was colonial in usually have a spatial structure of the city traditional consist of a countryside length which in medium- half planted a either two tree secretary ( ficus Benjamin ) which after called the square

If you mean 1882 then could confirmed years tree banyan on all four sides square City Malang more than 125 years This can be proven with physical stem tree the banyan has attain 3 meters in Java Public length yet considers that the banyan tree has ki strength mystical which tall, so that in Square in City Malang almost everybody tree secretary yet kept although to the right and to the left when East there are building the place parking lot vehicle.

History Government Malang City

In weather Kingdom, Square activated What the place meeting Public by listen ad of government so that becomes center exercise. In the square there are only a few how much vegetation tree which trustworthy by Public Java to have sense certain so that element smooth material East plus dominant. Along the developing City Malang Park square Merdeka is now a garden the only public in Malang. Public parks are parks that are assignment Public general by exercise recreation, sport, education etc. which be equipped medium infrastructure.

Condition element smooth material moment East in form of vegetation yard Square which plus diverse. Stuff East could viewed several write tree, bush, bush plant cover. Write tree include: secretary ( ficus Benjamin ), Kiara parasol ( Felicium decipiens ), red dadap ( Erythrina cristagalli ), princess palm ( Veithchia merillii ), brush bottle ( Callistemon vital ) fir tree norfolk ( Araucaria heteropylla ) that works What shade. Write bush include: hanjuang ( Cordilina terminalis ), green agave ( Agavesisalavana ) croton ( Codiaeum variegatum ), bush dominated by tea-tehan ( During answer ). land- cover include: cane ( Canna indicates ), lily Paris white ( Chlorophytum comosum variegated ) grass elephant ( Axonope compress ) which labor What Closure I usually.

While the use of hard elements materials in the form of facilities and services such as shelter , seats, swimming pool fish, the place parking lot, mail security, toilet lamp yard which could use by visitors Square. Also that in yard Square there are animal in form of pigeons and ornamental fish could to enjoy Reciprocity with the visitors, who then becomes a attractions interesting. Existence yard Square East become the only recreational park lungs city in medium City Malang.

meanwhile street scenery great suprapto, Street basuki Grace, Settlement Chinatown Y Arab settlements have a beauty value (SBE) bass in clue North South. Stuff East suspicious in- caused by the appearance of the landscape Street which minimum placement bridge kite special which is not sufficient interesting so that pedestrian foot free to walk oblique different.

Social Cultural Aspect Class and Appearance

Class Social culture could certain- Correct classification either punctuation write its- to you Location. For determine class sociocultural values in the 12 localities to study, so plus before certain classification evaluation. Determination classification evaluation based on range score Social Buddha- Yes with interval which certain through determination class score Social culture. Classification Social culture divided five class That’s it: 1) very bass, two) bass, 3) enough tall, 4) high and 5) very high. aesthetic class could determine classification either punctuation write something scenery. For determine class score esthetic in 12 Location, so plus before certain classification pencil- other based on range score esthetic with interval which certain through determination class.

Colonial History Tourist

Based on combined/ overlapping results evaluation appearance Social culture appearance beauty of level score which higher until with score lower, so obtained level colonial history tourist potential in 12 Location to study

Park Monument it is object with score power route history taller , garden Square Monument built in year 1926 by Governor General indies Dutch JP zoen Coen which it is creation Thomas Karsten. Park Monument to have uniqueness because form round which No characteristic typical Square in Indonesia.

Look at visual ambient- single which merges vegetation which use to tend it is- Correct plant director artistic pruning with training architectural column round which highlight _ Print formal. Score power Following it is Park Ijen (54.14), Park Independent (38.48), area Ijen (27.62), area Merdeka (24.32) and Monumental Zone (7.16). Location other That’s it Street Kahuripán, Street semeru, Street great suprapto, Street basuki Rahmat, Chinese and Arab settlement to have power bass until very bass though a number of among them to have score Social culture which tall, nevertheless forever- his spirit has an aesthetic value down to very bass.

The location with the lowest score. it is settlement Chinatown. pemmu- Kiman Chinatown is an area ethnic residences and businesses Chinese. In the city of Malang, the area of settlement lying in Street Market Great so that area Chinatown is the soul of the economy in Malang.

Architectonic style- a Year 1915 with recruit style building plus drip- weight functional. Temporary visual- Alabama ambient Look hot arid, this is because not yet existence adjustment residential landscape Chinatown experience change which important That’s it congestion noise which how much more tall developing buildings which nuanced modern with appearance scenery which minimum.

ased on analysis appearance Social culture appearance beauty ( Scenic Beauty estimates ) so 12 Location to study to have power route history colonial which different. Lans- hood which to have score appearance sociocultural higher it is area Ijen which lower That’s it Street Kahuripan.

While value of beauty a higher That’s it Park Square Monument which lower That’s it P- settlement Chinatown. based on results overlays second appearance (Social culture beauty) so 12 Location to study to have score power route history colonial which next- negligible. as for score higher until lower That’s it Park square- square Monument, Park Ijen, Park Merdeka Square, Region Ijen, Region Square Independent, area Square Monument, Street Kahuripán, Street semeru, Street great suprapto, Street basuki Grace, Settlement Arab Settlement Chinatown.

based on results evaluation a sociocultural aspects and beauty on top of the food you can arrange a package route in where scenery Delaware- only of high value as an object or destiny route major, while landscapes with low values such as object support for. Object with low values can be increased stronger litas through efforts by- penalty fee in quality landscape.

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