History Of Malang City

History Of Malang City

 Malang city is one of the autonomous regions and is a big city. second in East Java after Surabaya. As a big city, Malang cannot be separated of social and environmental problems that are getting worse and worse. the city that one time I consider to have system City which better in Among cities indies Netherlands, now many citizens complain about traffic jams and chaos traffic, hot air temperature, litter strewn, or having to relocate street vendors that filled the town square. But regardless of the various issue system the city, tourist City Malang capable interesting attention separately.

Of side geographical, Malang benefited by beauty natural area surroundings such as the city of Batu (which in 2000 became a municipality) with agritourism, bathtub cangar, Java East park, Museum transportation, select a, Songgoriti or relic archaeological sites of the Singosari Kingdom. Mileage which is not far from the City makes travelers make this City a a place to stop and at the same time a place to shop. This business can change recruit Malang City Tourism of City Rest zone become a city route shopping.

In weather colonialism colonial indies Dutch, area Malang done region “gement” (City). Before year 1964, in symbol City Malang there are writing ; “Malang my name, Up my goal” Translate of “Malang number, sursum engine”. When City East celebrate day repeat year which fifty in date 1 April 1964, prayers the change becomes: “Malangkucecwara”. This new motto was proposed by the late Prof. Dr. R.Ng. Poerbatjaraka, because the word is closely related to the origin of Kota Malang, which by the time of Ken Arok some 7 centuries ago had become the name of of the place in around either close temple which named my fault cecwara

Malang is Old City

In 1879, in the city of Malang the train began to operate and since then City Malang develop with quickly. Several needs society too how much more increase especially Will room movement To do several exercise. As a result there is a change in land use, urbanized areas appear uncontrolled Changes in land use are changing very rapidly, such as: from agriculture to housing and industry. In line with this development in.

Urbanization Keep going passing and needs Public Will accommodation area increased beyond the capacity of the government, while the level of the urban economy was very limited, which in turn will lead to the emergence of illegal housing they generally develop around commercial areas, along green lines, around river, lane train Earth which I consider No Knight.

Hose some time later the area becomes a village and the quality degrades environment begins to occur with all its innate impacts. those symptoms to tend Keep going increase, hard To imagine what which occur Yes issue is ignored

City Bad start growing up develop after presence government Dutch colonialism, especially when the railway started operating in 1879. The needs of the community are increasing, especially for space movement to perform various activities. As a result, changes in land use occur. area which woken up Appearing without under control. Change function Earth undergoing very rapid changes, such as from agricultural function to housing and industry.

The shape and layout of the city of Malang, the main constructions that are form a social structure in it, is a reflection of the existence of planning and coordination by the elite of the city. Town planning which to have Amount sense cultural, naturally Will establish in agreement with destination, in what direction and how the City is seen and what the City is imagined from.

For strengthen attain image which has becomes agreement history In this sense, the provision of infrastructure facilities and superstructure. Sense definition by Social in City Malang, naturally Will increase dynamics and movement in the city of Malang. However, also It should be noted that in addition to having a positive impact, a good by socioeconomic, politics thing will cause trouble social policy only by Public City Unfortunately _ Situating as a reference for its struggle as a city of Malang it was formed during the Dutch East Indies era . Until now, the city Malang have image like the center City education which length and tourism

Demography City Malang

Demographics of Malang city according to statistical data that Malang city has an area of about 110.06 Km². In 2010 it was found that the population of the city of Malang a total of about 820,243 people consisting of 415,490 inhabitants woman 404,553 soul population men in each year Amount The population in Malang city will increase. Malang city has five sub-districts That’s it, kedungkandang consist of 174,447 soul, Klojen 105,907 soul, Breadfruit up to 181,513 people, then Blimbing 172,333 people and Lowokwaru 186,013 soul. based on data the districts which the population the majority Many it is sub district Lowowaru. City Malang what’s more consist of 57 Pavilion, RW as much  536 units RT as much 4,011 units _

Place Geographical City Malang

 The geographical location of the city of Malang can be explained astronomically as located in the 112.06° – 112.07° East Longitude and 7.06° – 8.02° South Latitude, with altitude between 440-667 meters above sea level. This is the reason Malang city as a tourist destination due to its cool climate and various potential nature draws attention. Malang city limits can be explained as Following:

  1. Adjacent East : there are Sub district Overlap Sub district Fern
  2. Adjacent West : there are Sub district wow, Regency Malang Sub district Wagir
  3. Adjacent South : there is a district pakisaji, Regency Malang and kacammayan Tajinan
  1. Adjacent North : there are Sub district karangploso Sub district Singosari City Malang

what’s more surrounded mountains, including as follows:

  • Beside north there are Mountain Arjuno
  • Beside East there are Mountain Semeru
  • Beside South there is a mountain Kelud
  • Beside West there are Mountain Kawi

The city of Malang has a maximum temperature of around 32.7 ° C and has a temperature of minimum 18.2°C. In 2008, the climate of Malang city was recorded at an average of between 22.7°C – 25.1°C. The city of Malang has an average humidity of 79% – 86%, humidity maximum around 99% and humidity air a minimum of 40%.

Malang city is the same as other regions of Indonesia others, which only have two seasons, the rainy and the dry. Data obtained from observations of the Karangploso Bulk Climatology Station High precipitations oscillate between February, November and December, then Speed wind maximum occur in month June, June, July _

Condition heated City Malang different with the majority city other, An environment that has a fresh and beautiful air has its own charm for people. paraca contender by visit. A lot of circle contender Okay of groups of students and tourists choose the city of Malang as a place to visit continue studies and become a place of recreation with the argument that the climate The fresh and beautiful city of Malang makes you feel comfortable. So, it can be said that In addition to the educational facilities and tourist attractions provided by the city of Malang, condition heated which property be an advantage to attract the contender

Malang As City For Study

Visit or stay temporarily. students from outside cities to meet conference transportation needs usually opt for use vehicle motorized. Stuff East becomes wrong a reason Amount vehicle motorized in the city Malang keep growing.

The explanation of the state of the land in the Malang city area can be explained as follows: Following :

  1. In the east it is an infertile condition due to the plains tall
  2. In the west is the area used for the educational process because area plateau which very wide
  3. In the southern part, the land is suitable for industry and belongs to the plains tall
  4. In the north is the area which appropriate by agriculture and plantation for being in blood plateau fertile


Public which in City Malang the majority Many hug religion Islam, religion others are also developing well in Malang, such as Christians, Catholics, Hindus and Buddha. This is evidenced by harmony and mutual tolerance between people. religious so that All society can work together with good for

Development and development of Malang city without any related conflict with religious. As weather colonialism Dutch buildings the place The cult has become firmly established, such as the Grand Mosque or the Jami Mosque, a pagoda in the city. Lama and the Ijen Church. Malang City as an educational city cannot be separated from the center education religious I like it cabin internship seminar Bible which has known along the Indonesia.


The city of Malang has a distinctive Javanese language with the typical Waikan language. already famous throughout the archipelago. Other languages are also spoken in the city of Malang. such as the Madurese and East Javanese dialects. Walikan language becomes identity only by City Malang, idiom which beginning first use What communication confidential either idiom code in it was colonial Dutch yet exist used by the younger generation to date, for example: like eating in nakam.

Malang becomes mischievous, nice becomes fan, studying becomes hail other etc. The Malang language is not too harsh like English. use In Surabaya, the language used in the city of Malang still seems rigid, however demonstration that people assertive No to know small talk _

Art Culture

Malang city has famous cultural art which is famous for mask dance, however along the developing it was dance face mask East beginning eroded forgotten. Stuff East

Because the younger generation in Malang city is rarely interested in cultural arts This is because they are more interested in modern dance, which is currently phenomenal. Art The culture in the city of Malang is created from the encounter between the artistic styles of the East-South Java viz Ponorogo, Blitar and Tulungagung, Central Java viz. City Malang Only, after style Art blambangan of banyuwangi, situbondo, Pasuruan Probolinggo .

Description General Pupil Kupang, Nusa Southeast East

City Malang What city education, to have Many institution education tall which consist education tall country neither private. Each year in city City Malang, arrival dozens one thousand pupil What immigrant community. For some university students who come from outside area City Malang, of course they to have the place stay in form of House, rent or the cost of around campus.

One of the areas in the city of Malang that is a point of attention in this regard. to be used as a very interesting discussion material is in the pension area. pension pupil around city Malang which it is the place stay pupil which originated of Kupang, NTT, That’s it in districts Lowokwaru, Malang. Where immigrant students here are dominated by students who originated of NTT. Presence pupil contender NTT it’s in the middle

Local people in Malang city make social contacts in many ways, make the local community of malang city is in a dynamic condition. This is something that is rare. occur in the villages other. Hear designation Nusa Southeast East (NTT) Province in region East Indonesia which that is all far of attain land, sea and air transport. It will take at least three days to arrive. Malang city if not by air. A province famous for its extensions rocks and hot Sun that sucks After what are you doing me impressed it is life.

Social they Each other Side to side even merges, to have difference Okay which Muslim and No Muslim Amount Public original plus dominant No Muslim That’s it Christian. Pupil contender NTT is a community of immigrants who previously lived in the culture and tradition different, previously existed and interacted with to have likeness habit, ethics, tradition, culture idiom. So that after Immigrant NTT students doing wandering activities will face a situation the opposite, that is, with the difference of everything that exists in new community so they can become NTT students studying in the city Malang have trouble communicating with people local.

The position of NTT students as immigrants has certainly the same social responsibility when integrated into the society in which single the Stay. It’s more, so that could in Thank  Recognized existence by Public local, with Will everybody background behind which No same the

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