History Kingdom of Bali Governing Kings

Kingdom of Bali : History, Governing Kings , and footsteps historically

let ‘s know history Kingdom of Bali. About kingdom in advance Also Bedle that’s why kingdom First established in Bali region Bali Kingdom established upon around it 8th century onwards 14th century. center kingdom this I ‘m in Pejeng Also Bedr , Gianyar . reference from History , led by the Kingdom of Bali To Wrong 1 group nobility When famous leader  When Name of Shri Kesari Warmadewa .

History bali kingdom

According to Several Inscription found , Kingdom  this lead by the kings of dynasty Warmadewa. Bali ‘s most famous king Darmodayana Warmadewa to rule ever since 989 years. lead kingdom When his spouse’s name Mahendradata Also Gunapriya Darmaptani Until then 1001 years.

Empress  died When immortal of a Temple in Desa   Belsan , or next door southeast region Bedle . a statue  embodiment from Goddess durga found in the area Kutri ( Gianyar ). king of dharmadayana Warmadewa Permanence lead kingdom Until then 1011 AD .he   died Even if holiday of a Banu Temple  waka , will However Until then now his presence yet Known

Wedding Darmodayana When Mahendradata give birth son named Then Airlanga  Day get married When a Princess Dharmawangsa When become king of the island java , son other named Malakata. Position death of father , throne kingdom hereditary To a main named Marakata entitled  Darmodhyana Wangsavardhana Malakata panja castana Utungadewa upon 1011-1022.

Leadership very Be respected When loved because so much attention big To people . because even his glory  he consideration that’s why incarnation from truth law, he Also build a place The location of the Hermitage ( Prasada ) on Mount Kawi is : in the immediate vicinity with protein silling palace . building of Have Characteristic unique special  in the form of sculpture resemble temple . upon Department Basic there is Me Hermitage .

Until then for a moment this building  hermitage of yet well-maintained When saved When good When Also Become Wrong 1 object frequent trips  visited By tourists in Bali . after death Malakata throne kingdom hereditary To his son named Child Once start 1049-1077.  Child Once leave 28  inscription When teeth inscription most than the kings who had lead before Child Once 1 person number Have offspring . he died When after that local dharma  Mount Kawi upon Year In 1430, the Kingdom of Bali is ruled King Dalem  before , before after that Gajah Mada rules from Majapahit .

Kings who rule

The Kings Who Ever lead Kingdom of Bali etc. Below :

Shri Kesari walmedwi

Inside inscription blanjon read number Year 914 says castle kingdom in the area Sinhadwarawa .

Queen Sri Uglasena

Queen Sri Ugrasena lead ever since 915-942 and    his palace upon for a moment It was founded in Singamandawa .

During his reign , Queen Sri Uglasena 9 remaining  notation . inscription of To whole include release tax upon area There is . Moreover Um , over there Also an inscription declaring about development place Holy . After Queen Shree Ugrasena  dead body  after that Air Mandatu’s Didal Makan .

Tabanandra Warmadewa

Tabendra Warmadewa lead kingdom ever since 955-967 AD

Jayasinga Warmadewa

has advantages , counter about Jayasimha Warmadewa . someone says that he number descendants Tabendra , for at the same time in 960 AD with leadership  Tabanandra , Jayasinga Warmadewa have become king.

possibility other , he teeth a son Crown of the past Become a king when you lift it his father under Throne . in the meantime his government his make make lake Also bath from sauce village holy Manukraya bath of now Are known When name Tirta Emple located  close by  looks like a siren . King Jayasimha Warmadewa lead kingdom Until then 975 AD .

Jayashadu Warmadewa

Janasadu Warmadewa reign kingdom ever since 975-983 .

Sri Wijaya Mahadewi

Kingdom of Bali one time lead To a Woman Named Sri Maharaja Sri Wijaya Mahadewi . according to History , Queen of Sri Maharaja Sri Wijaya Mahadewi Origin from kingdom Srivijaya . But opinion  from peace Also try to guess the queen  teeth Princess from master Sindeok ( Java east ).

That thing base from various name position of inscription queen Wijaya usually alone  have called of Java inscription , but  number And so on , known in Bali . Makdul , Madihati , and Pankaja .

Dhamaudayana Warmadewa

upon for a moment government Arrival at Udayana , Kingdom of Bali peak Success . he lead kingdom Empress named  and  Mahendra Datta  Princess from King Maktawan Savardhana from Java East. Previous Udayana lifted Become King , Many Suspects that he one time in Java  east because her name Recorded of inscription Jalatanda . wedding in Udayana When Mahendra Datta make influence culture java in bali more Growing up.

For example , language Java ancient times start Already used of write in Notation . Moreover that organization  board advisor start implementation favorite upon general government Kingdom of Java . rear Gnapriya Udayana died  Permanence reign kingdom Until then 1011 AD  died When after that local temple  Banuka.

history about thing that Have been described of Water yellow monument saying a ( 1011 ) name Udayana . Moreover that in Right middle ( incense ) inscription, back died Udayana Are known When name God Nice in Banuwka.


King of Malakata Title Dharmawang Savardhana Malakata Pankajastana Utungadewa . he lead kingdom ever since 1011-1022, his reign contemporaries When Airlanga .

ever since lead , marakata Nickname that’s why sauce truth law because everytime protect When protect public Kingdom . Malakata very loved To people because charitable nature.he    Also setting a temple Also Persada  located in Gunung Kawi, Bali , Tampaksiring.

Children Once

Child Once Title His Majesty ‘s Child Pilgrimage to Mecca Once Leek curry batari good Me bahwan batala good Me Banu Waka. he The oldest Balinese king  Leave inscription When amount more 28   inscription When have Distributed in northern Bali, central Bali, and southern Bali .

Child youngest lead kingdom 28 years  ever since 1049-1077 . Also consideration that’s why incarnation from Lord Vishnu. Child Once number Have descendants When Died in 1077 . his body after that buried in the area Gunung Kawi ( nearby ) looks silling ).

Jaya Sakthi

Jaya Sakthi leads kingdom from AD 1133-1150, Jayabaya of Government Kediri . During his reign he  helped To advisor center consisting of from the gun Even if leader religious good Both Hinduism and Buddhism. Jaya Sakthi Book Constitution named Widdie’s Northern Book Balawan When Book Rajawakana of Manipulate his government .

In advance

Upon 1343 , Kingdom lead Sri Astasura  Ratna Bhoomi Banten . in advance of receive government helped To The second governor named Kebo rock When Passangris. In advance the last king to rule because it’s the kingdom of bali during his reign he conquered by Gajah Mada by becoming region kingdom Become region power kingdom Majapahit .

Footsteps historic kingdom Majapahit

are some relic Kingdom of Bali our visit Until then for a moment This , among others :

  • inscription blanjon
  • inscription Panglapuan
  • inscription Mountain write in
  • inscription relic Child Once
  • Kawi Mountain Padas Temple
  • temple very Besakih
  • Mening Temple
  • Wasanji Temple .

that’s it exposure short about Together with the Kingdom of Bali The history of the king who led When relic Its history .


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